Every year, Microsoft presents the coveted MSUS Partner Award to companies who have excelled at providing innovative and unique Microsoft-based technological services to customers. At CloudFit Software, we are proud to have earned the 2020 Microsoft US Partner Award for Industry-Government. Such an accolade was not achieved without the hard, dedicated work of our entire family, and a strong sense of our mission. Our goal this past year was to not only demonstrate thought leadership within our industry but also use our deep-rooted knowledge and expertise to make a tremendous impact on Microsoft’s Department of Defense customers for Azure and M365.

In partnership with MSFT and the DoD CIO, we are helping DoD clients modernize their software ecosystem, which includes the DevSecOps environment, to not only follow the recent Congressional mandate to improve processes but also to ensure consistency and security across the DoD’s application teams.

“We at CloudFit Software are thankful for the trust that our customers and partners have in us. It’s an honor to serve every customer, including our Government customers.”

Carroll Moon

CTO & Co-Founder of CloudFit

“It’s certainly not easy to take a vision from a non-technical person and deliver a solid software application that exceeded our expectations. The entire CloudFit team handled the process with professionalism and sensitivity to our needs.”

Sal Ferlise

CEO Dot Solutions, Sport Outreach

“Both the team and technology at CloudFit have given us confidence in our software product. From development to managed service, the team operates with the utmost professionalism and is a pleasure to work with.”

Joshua Worret

Dot Solutions Director of Operations


Founded in 2018 by former Microsoft veterans, CloudFit Software was established to fill a need in the IT industry. With the rise in Cloud adoption, many organizations struggled to understand how to weave Cloud processes into their day-to-day, and to streamline operations & maintenance. That’s where we’ve stepped in. CloudFit Software marshals the implementation, management, and security of the Cloud, so your business can run successfully and smoothly. We believe Cloud service application is not just a one and done act, which is why we provide full cloud lifecycle services, so you can focus on what’s most important to your business.

Why US

Our founders and board of directors have a long pedigree in the IT industry, with an average of 15+ years at Microsoft Corp. On top of that, we’ve carefully curated a team of Microsoft Cloud pioneers who helped build and run Microsoft’s own clouds, including 0365, Xbox Live and Azure. We take what we know, remove the subtle complexities of the cloud, and accelerate our customer’s cloud implementation journey with ease. We do this through our own, innovative cloud management platform, CloudFit Software ™ (CFS), which helps us ensure the cloud performs optimally and customers get the best user experience from their cloud investments. With our unrivaled knowledge and heart for personal relationships and customer success, you can be confident you will receive nothing less than excellent from the CloudFit team.