Agricultural Lending Cooperative
Cloudfit Solution Areas:
Modern & Managed Applications
2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Capabilities & Solutions
  • Full-Stack .NET Web Development
  • Value-Add Consulting
  • Additional Project Management and QA Functionalities
Customer Need:
Customer had an existing consumer loan application that was not allowing them to efficiently deliver home loans within an increasingly complex regulatory environment. The system could not successfully support this new demanding market, preventing the company from meeting growth projections.
Customer decided to invest in building a new loan origination platform in order to better position themselves in the lending market. During this redesign, Customer and CloudFit faced several challenges that CloudFit was well-positioned to help them overcome, such as: aggressive timelines, fragmented system functionality, and increased project scale and complexity.
Cloudfit Solution:
Quality Delivery | Our team worked with the Farm Credit teams to assure quality software delivery through structured system testing and user acceptance testing. The result has been one of the most successful projects ever launched at the company.
Workstream Ownership | CloudFit brought additional capacity to shift entire workstreams, enabling the project teams to work on concurrent delivery of feature sets. Dependencies between related features were more quickly resolved and integrated with both downstream and upstream functionality.
Business Outcome:
The new loan application has improved the overall experience for Customer’s loan application experts and in turn has improved their customers’ experiences. The additional functionality positions them for future growth and places them ahead of current industry standards and customer demands.
At completion, Customer’s new loan origination system fulfills all initial client requirements. Their internal development teams will continue to enhance and innovate on the consumer loan experience in the coming months and years.
“CloudFit is a valued business partner who went above and beyond to provide the expertise and responsiveness that was critical to the success of our project. We wouldn’t have successfully delivered on our strategic goals without their partnership.”