Large regional hospital network
Cloudfit Solution Areas:
  • Specialized Consulting
  • Modern &Managed Applications
  • Managed Solutions & Scenarios
2018, 2019
Customer Need:
  • Extreme business growth over the last 15 years and far less than linear IT staff growth
  •  IT organization and approach was legacy and silo’d
  • Moving quickly to the cloud for mission-critical applications
Cloudfit Solution:
  • Developed 5-year strategic IT plan
  • Plugged operational gaps for mission-critical applications including monitoring and help-desk ticket volume elimination
  • Currently leading the organization through the reorg and culture change with strategic executive coaching and staffing key exec roles
Business Outcome:
  • Improved customer (physician and clinician) experience and accelerated cloud adoption including business productivity, EHR, timekeeping and HR.
  • Exorbitant business growth continues with virtually no IT staffing growth