Global full-service hotel and resort brand
Cloudfit Solution: 
Managed Solutions & Scenarios
2018, 2019
Customer Need: 
  • Customer had high operational costs (support calls and incidents) following rapid, global Office 365 deployment
  • Customer had a business need for enterprise-level mail hygiene reporting
  • Customer needed to train their team how to interact with GRAPH APIs via PowerShell rather than retraining everyone to code in C#
  • Customer wanted a light-weight ability to ensure monitoring and metrics for Office 365
Cloudfit Solution:
  • Strategic cloud operations consulting to drive operational integration and support call reduction initiative
  • Custom application development to generate custom mail hygiene reporting and trending using raw data from many Office 365 APIs
  • Custom training and coaching to enable the team to interact with GRAPH via PowerShell without having to learn new languages
  • Lightweight managed-monitoring service to take accountability for monitoring and metrics globally for Office 365 workloads
Business Outcome:
  • Help desk call volume drastically reduced and normalized.  Operations integrated. 
  • Mail-hygiene reporting delivered to satisfy CTO requirements
  • Staff trained and coached to avoid costly language retraining
  • Monitoring and metrics delivered consistently notifying customer of issues over an hour before other sources