Multi-national transport group managing buses & rail 
Cloudfit Solution Areas:
  • Specialized Consulting
  • Modern & Managed Applications
  • Managed Solutions & Scenarios
2018, 2019
Customer Need:
Customer has new mission-critical application built by a 3rd party.  The 3rd party offered a support contract, but not end-to-end accountability or managed service.  The customer did not want to put the application in their legacy IT Operations organization due to agility concerns.  Customer requested that CloudFit take 24×7 operational accountability for the application working with the 3rd party application team, customer teams, Microsoft (for cloud), etc as and if needed.
Cloudfit Solution:
  • Monitoring and lightweight managed service for 100+ daily data jobs that ensure 42,000 vehicles run on time daily
  • Solution plugs the monitoring and application management gaps including monitoring, engineering tier 1, escalation management to all 3rd parties, etc
Business Outcome:
  • IT leaders / application owners are meeting business objectives and rest easy knowing that CloudFit is accountable for the service ensuring 84,000 bus routes run on time daily.