CloudFit Command and Control Engineer (CCE)

Job Location: Downtown, Lynchburg, VA (no exceptions)
All Shifts Available. Off-Shift Incentives Available. Partial Shifts Possibly Available.
Job Number: 00102

CloudFit Software provides managed scenarios for core operational outcomes. For example, as a customer creates an app using an agile, devops approach the customer has two options: 1) have the dev team oversee/babysit their automation 24x7 or 2) have their existing operations team (insourced or outsourced) provide core operations oversite. There are adverse implications to both approaches. CloudFit’s managed scenarios give a third option: move fast while CloudFit provides the core operational outcomes and integrates back with the customer’s existing operations team whether insourced, outsourced or in-between.


CloudFit has a team of talented individuals who implement and manage the managed scenarios and operational outcomes for our customers. And in some cases, customers want help to transform their own development and operations teams to be more fluid, and we are happy to help those customers drive those desired outcomes. Our team of talented professionals can deliver on any operational outcome. We call these individuals “Personal Trainers” rather than “Consultants”. In our view, consultants are great, but they are like a nutrition professor who might lecture on the theory of nutrition. Personal Trainers master the knowledge of nutrition, exercise, human motivation, etc and they apply that knowledge to help their clients change their lives for the better. Our CloudFit Personal Trainers are passionate about using their knowledge and experience to help CloudFit’s customers achieve their dreams. CloudFit Personal Trainers do not spew theory but rather have proven track records of driving measurable results in support of modern digital transformations. 


While the CloudFit Personal Trainers are critical to customer outcomes, the core of CloudFit Software is our CloudFit Managed Scenarios. The CloudFit Managed Scenarios are delivered through the combination of amazing software, super-simple devices and [most importantly] crazy-smart-and-dedicated people. There are a number of delivery roles available within CloudFit’s Managed Scenarios Service Delivery organization including CloudFit Software Engineers and CloudFit Command and Control Engineers (CCEs). This Job Description is written for CloudFit Command and Control Engineers.


Join CloudFit Software and help transform leading organizations around the world. The sheer scale of our capabilities and client engagements including the way that we collaborate, operate and deliver value provides an unequalled opportunity to grow and advance. Choose CloudFit and make delivering innovative solutions part of your next career move.


Job Description


CloudFit Command and Control Engineers (CCEs) protect our customers’ interests 24x7x365 as they backstop our CloudFit Software Automation. CloudFit CCEs engage with customers during high-stress situations, and CloudFit CCEs must be comfortable in high-stress situations with demanding customer executives. CloudFit CCEs will interface with customer business, development and operations personnel via phone, via tickets, and via email.


CloudFit CCEs will have a unique combination of qualities and skills. CloudFit is not a normal company. There has never been a company who has done what CloudFit is doing. Thus, CloudFit’s job requirements, especially for CCEs, differs from the industry norm.

  1. Most importantly, due to the CloudFit’s culture of unheralded customer service, CloudFit CCEs must be proven leaders and contributors to creating a better world via volunteering, coaching, etc. CloudFit CCEs would all be described as caring people who have customer satisfaction and service culture woven into their DNA. Great customer service is only possible when individuals truly care about the person on the other side of the discussion. CloudFit CCEs will be well-proven in this area both professionally and personally. This requirement is non-negotiable.
  2. Second, CloudFit CCEs will have proven years of experience in high-pressure, service-stoppage-recovery roles. This experience might be from years of mission-critical-IT-application support, through years of manufacturing-line-service-recovery-support, through being a soldier who is accustomed to intense, high-pressure situations, through medical device outage support, through logging equipment-service-recovery-while-work-is-stopped support, etc. This list is not intended to be inclusive. There are many possibilities to prove this sort of long-term, high-pressure, service-stoppage-recovery experience. The list is provided simply to help applications understand the sort of pressure-cooker experience that we are looking for and to encourage candidates who do not have experience in typical IT environments. IT experience is not a requirement for this role.
  3. Third, CloudFit CCEs will have a proven track-record of dealing with angry executives during the worst of times.  As with point #2, note this bullet does not require IT-specific experience. CCE candidates must be able to clearly articulate scenarios and real experiences to prove this ability.
  4. Fourth and finally, CloudFit CCEs will have a technical background. Note that we are not calling out technology background but rather technical background. Mission-critical IT Service experience is appropriate. Master mechanics, Civil engineers, Master Electricians, Electrical Engineers, etc. are all appropriate. The CCE must be able to think logically in a technical manner—think “and/or gates” and complex “if/then statements”. This example list is not exhaustive. 


We are seeking experienced Cloud Command and Control Engineers to join our growing CloudFit CCE team in beautiful Downtown, Lynchburg, VA. This position will report up through the CTO along with all other CloudFit Service Delivery, Engineering, and Personal Trainer roles. CloudFit’s CTO is also based in our offices in Lynchburg, VA.


CCEs will typically run 4 x 10 hour shifts. Either Sunday thru Wednesday or Wednesday thru Saturday. 7am to 5pm ET, 4pm to 2am ET, and 12am to 10am ET which includes overlapping shifts for peak hours and shift hand-offs as well as overlap on Wednesdays for training, meetings, etc.




  • Monitor / backstop automation 24x7x365
  • Engage customers via phone, email and tickets
  • Provide Command and Control leadership on Major Incident Bridges
  • Interface with customer and CloudFit executive management both proactively and reactively
  • Support customers via phone, email, and tickets


Required Qualifications:

  • Proven track record of caring about others in professional and personal life
  • Proven track record of success while being “the-person-with-the-weight-on-his/her-shoulders” during critical situations
  • Proven track record of interfacing with executives who are stressed and/or unhappy during service-impacting-events
  • Proven technical thinker and proven technical experience

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Cloud and DevOps certifications
  • Proven track record of leading customers digital transformation though cloud services management
  • Engineering, Mathematics, Management Information Services or Computer Science Degree (or certificate)

ITIL certifications and Traditional Service Management experience are acceptable, but they are not preferred. Such certifications and experience without meeting the required qualifications would actually be detrimental. CloudFit is not a traditional service management company, and we do not hire traditional service management consultants or practitioners. It is unlikely that traditional IT Operations Center professionals would be a fit for CloudFit’s CCE positions; however, military Command and Control, NASA Command and Control, and other such experience would be fantastic.

CloudFit is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from all sections of society and does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital, domestic or civil partnership status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis as protected by applicable law.

 FLSA - Job Classification: Exempt, Full Time Position. Similar Part-Time Roles May Be Possible.

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